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Hi, I’m Andrey, a Senior Software Engineer from Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil. 🇧🇷

Professionally, I have a decade of experience with Ruby on Rails, Go, and web development in general. Although I really like to work with back-end tools, I also have experience with JavaScript, in particular with React.

Open Source

As an open source lover, I did some small contributions to Ruby on Rails in the past (in special improvements to the Rails Guides) and to other small projects.

I also created some Go projects, like:

  • Task (since 2017, 9k ⭐): a simple automation tool that can be used to automate boring tasks related to development, testing, deployment and more. Written in Go.
  • testfixtures (since 2016, 1k ⭐): a Go package that allows one to write automated tests that connects to a real relational (SQL) database. Useful for writting integration tests.


JobScore (2018-Current)

JobScore is an applicant tracking system built as a “classic” monolith Rails application, using PostgreSQL as its database system and React as the shiny front-end framework of choice. ~6 years is a lot, so I had the chance to help on many different projects.


  • I led the upgrade Rails in the big monolith from 4.2 to its latest version (7.1 currently). I am also the main person resposible to review Dependabot PRs for back-end (Ruby, Rails) dependencies.
  • I helped to improve the billing system, including introducing annual plans.
  • I helped to overhaul the “platform integrations” infrastructure, which is the Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 integrations with JobScore including calendar integration, email synchronization, SSO, and more.
  • I also worked some partner integrations, like with Indeed (Gold Partner), LinkedIn (Gold Partners) and others.
  • I helped to build the recent “v2” public API, which also includes webhooks and an integration with Zapier.
  • I participated in the process to convert many pages from the 1990-like “HTML generated in back-end + jQuery” style to a brand new and modern SPA built in React and using a proper design system and multiple themes.

Sardo (2013-2017)

My first job, in this tiny and local consultancy company (now closed) I had the opportunity to learn and work with Ruby on Rails, Go and other tools, and got a great experience working with many different database systems (mostly PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server).


  • (2012-2015) Bachelor in Information Systems in the University of State of Santa Catarina (UDESC) in São Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.